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Yossi Swed Masters Workshop's



Yossi Swed Masters Workshop

Medium(s):   Judaica


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From its beginnings over 20 years ago, Swed Masters Workshop in Jerusalem has been dedicated to the ideal of creating quality Judaica pieces in limited editions. Since then, we have produced an exclusive line of pieces of exquisite beauty, recognized worldwide by serious collectors of Judaica.

The workshop combines meticulous engineering work with creative design and master craftsmanship. Knowing that no one person can create a piece of the same quality that a team can, they built a unique system. Yossi Swed, the third generation of a Jerusalem family of craftsmen, has gathered together under one roof a group of master craftsmen, who hail not only from Israel, but from other countries in the Middle East and around the world. They employ a large number of professional engineers, designers and master craftsmen -- each an expert in his/her field.

Artistic and technological developments in Judaic art have taken generations to refine. Under Yossi Swed's direct supervision, the workshop has been able to combine these developments with the traditional significance and functionality of Jewish ritual objects and translate these into classic works of art.

The creation of a new piece begins with a design in Swed's particular style; contemporary pieces with clean-lined bodies and classic decorations, supported by meticulous engineering specifications for which Swed Masters Workshop is renowned. Each piece comes with a lifetime guarantee of functionality. The workshop's designs are only crafted upon commission. Swedi has the privilege of choosing to whom he shows the workshop's latest creations and has limited this to a group of 200 families from around the world who benefit from having first choice of all of the workshop's latest pieces.


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From years of family experience in creating pieces that are one of a kind, Swed has learned that the pieces that can be maintained at their best are those that can be completely disassembled. By making a piece in this fashion, it can be cleaned, polished, re plated and thus brought to mint condition at any time; an heirloom that lasts forever. It is this concept that has made Swed Masters Workshop known and respected in the world of Judaic art.

Each piece is the culmination of months of work, not only by the artist and silversmith, but also by a team of engineers, who translate the design into exact plans for its production. Work on a prototype can take up to two years before the piece is ready for crafting. This demanding process, together with the fact that only a small number of pieces are made in each edition, account for the high value placed on the works of art offered by Swed Masters Workshop. The value of each piece slowly rises as the number of pieces left in the edition decreases.

The workshop combines the traditional techniques of silversmiths and jewelers, such as casting and polishing, with the latest computer technology. The pieces are crafted from a range of materials, including sterling silver, brass, solid gold, glass, precious stones and select woods such as ebony. Many designs also incorporate these materials plated in silver, gold or enamel.

The workshop uses only choice materials mainly imported from Italy, Spain, England and Switzerland. The high-tech techniques, such as CNC, ensure that these materials are cut with the utmost precision, guaranteeing that the final assembly of each piece in the limited edition is of uniform quality.

As each piece is assembled, it is handled with the attention and delicateness of a piece of fine jewelry. It undergoes polishing, cleaning and rigorous quality assurance before it is ready to be delivered from the workshop to the collector.

Temple Arts Festival, 2006
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